Old Sheldon Church

Jaw dropping beautiful, there are no other words to describe Old Sheldon Church. Set in the woods, some miles from civilization, this colonial church is by far the most romantic, photogenic place in Souith Carolina. It is still an active church and you will be on sacred ground. Recently a power outlet has been installed, giving us the ability to have soft lights in the interior of the church for late evening weddings.


Booking can only be done with us. Some advance notice is required as this is frequently requested. Still a bit of a secret so allow just a few months.


As the church is still active, your officiate has to be an ordained minister from one of the major religions in the US (e.g. Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic etc.). Receptions are not permitted. No candles. There is parking for up to fifty cars, over eighty guests will require special permission. Alcohol is allowed, as is music.


Savannah Wedding Cooperative LLC , Savannah, GA

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